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There is only one goal. That is to be whole again.

There is only one goal. That is to be whole again. How human beings live and work determines whether they remain whole or are split. ...


What does 'economic' mean? This concerns me because even otherwise thoughtful people talk about 'economic' as if to mean one thing alone, involving a calculus of maximizing greed. So people will say that a particular situation displays the tendency for participants in the situation to display 'economic' behavior when they mean that the participants are acting like calculating machines, adding up benefits and comparing them to costs in a way to maximize satisfaction.

I have noticed an increasing tendency in using the word 'economic' in this way. Even people opposed to the regimented, so-called rational-economic-man approach to social phenomena tend to use 'economic' to denote the use of a cost-benefit, adding-and-subtracting approach to life.

But why should 'economic' mean such a narrow and unwholesome thing? Why should human beings be artificially converted into mechanical calculators and then be given the term 'economic' to mean such a reduced, diminished, stupid state of being?

May I suggest that the reason why we use the word 'economic' in such a stilted, soul-destroying way is that we have allowed ourselves to be brainwashed by the tenets of classical economics.

It seems to me that even some of the brightest minds of the generation have simply given up the term 'economic' without a fight and use it to mean little more than the use of a base, quantitative, greed-based approach to life.

I do not think the term 'economic' is being used correctly. As I see it 'economic' has to do with our relationship to the earth, our relationship with each other, within families, within communities. It has to do with sustaining ourselves as whole people, building whole families, whole communities.

If the major split in modern men and women is the internal split caused by an evil economics applied purely out of greed, with no consideration for the majesty of what it means to be human, the tremendous responsibility to creation that comes with having consciousness, then the only way to heal that split is to (a) stop doing what we have been doing for so long, splitting our selves artificially by making us out to be little more than adding-machines, (b) start living whole lives where work is meaningful and a part of family, a part of society, a part of play and culture and exchange and expression, (c) return the term 'economic' to its correct meaning to mean that which involves creation, that which involves sustenance, that which is the foundation of a whole life.

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