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I = S - M

The modern way of thinking about economics has been I = M - S Where I is the I as in me, M is what is 'mine' and S is what ...


Who am I? Do I really know the answer? Is it possible to know the answer?

Who I am has to be discovered. Only I can do it. And it takes time. In a sense it is a moving target because I can never exhaust my understanding of who I am. 

As a part of the infinite, of universal love, of God if you will, I am infinite. Over time, with intention and effort I can understand more and more of who I am. Even though I can never come to an end and say, "I've got it! This is who I am!", even though my explorations of who I am will always be incomplete, a work-in-progress, the process of discovery is very important. 

It could well be the most important process of discovery that you can engage in.

Exercise: Brazil 2014 performance art workshops

Who are you? Answer this question in 2 pages of hand-written free-writing where you start writing and then don't stop until you have filled 2 blank pages with your answer. Don't worry about spelling, or grammar, or punctuation. In fact don't worry about anything, just write. Stop when you have 2 pages written down. 

Reflect briefly on your writing. Now underline 3 sentences that stand out for you. There is no right and wrong. You are simply exploring your self. Finally, pick a total of 3 words from the 3 sentences and circle them. 

Now pick an object, any object that you are drawn to. Using your object in any way you like you will share your 3 words with the group, one at a time, in the form of a 1 minute performance. 

Reflect on the experience.