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There is only one goal. That is to be whole again.

There is only one goal. That is to be whole again. How human beings live and work determines whether they remain whole or are split. ...


In the words of the great philosopher J. Krishnamurti, "Self-knowledge is the beginning of understanding; without self-knowledge, contradiction and conflict will continue. To know the whole process, the totality of oneself, does not require any expert, any authority. The pursuit of authority only breeds fear. No expert, no specialist, can show us how to understand the process of the self. One has to study it for oneself. You and I can help each other by talking about it, but none can unfold it for us, no specialist, no teacher, can explore it for us. We can be aware of it only in our relationship--in our relationship to things, to property, to people and to ideas." (The First and Last Freedom, New York: Harper, 1954, p. 75)

So self-awareness can only come out of relationship to property, people and ideas and without experts interpreting things for us. We must each become humanistic economists and explore for ourselves then reflect and share with others.

This is the purpose of approaching economics through creative performance workshops. This is what I do.

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