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There is only one goal. That is to be whole again.

There is only one goal. That is to be whole again. How human beings live and work determines whether they remain whole or are split. ...


Nothing in life is free say those who believe in modern economics. And this statement is so obviously false that it makes our work easy. The best things in life are free I say. Love is free and also the most effective way of freeing us from the entanglement of modern life based on modern economics.

One way to move towards a free economy is to look at the structure of capital.

What is capital? Capital is stuff! It is as simple as that. We all need stuff to live, to grow, to prosper, to engage, to build, to harmonize and to give. Interest is the reciprocal flow per period of time for capital. Now it is important to understand that interest is flowing at all times. It does not simply come into being when you lend me money or I borrow a sack of brown rice from you. It is always and everywhere ever flowing. So if you choose to keep your sack of rice for instance you are receiving the services of the rice and hence are continually receiving interest.

Ok, to recap capital is stuff and interest is ever flowing. Now let us consider an interesting proposition: Throughout history humans have been very ambivalent about interest. Think of usury, laws that prevented interest being charged, the whole moral angle on interest. More recently, since at least the 19th Century there has been a movement to reduce interest down to zero. These efforts did not work because they all focused on the wrongness of interest. They tried to show in their own way, depending on the period and place in history and geographically, that interest was not a legitimate flow, that no such thing really existed and that the charging of interest was thus wrong.

It is no wonder that these approaches did not work! All it took was a thinking person to demonstrate over and over in each society that interest was flowing on capital as a reciprocal flow. To approach zero interest by saying that interest must not exist because it is wrong, that no such flow exists naturally and is the scheme of capitalists and robbers is frankly quite stupid. So in every society over time interest was accepted, demanded and paid.

So why is that significant? Well, the maldistribution of capital is the principal cause of human suffering. There are a few people who have a lot of capital and others who have very little. We all need capital to live and survive so interest flows from the poor to the rich, year after year, impoverishing the poor further and making the rich even richer.

My solution to this problem is very simple. Since interest is in fact ever flowing we firstly acknowledge the legitimacy of this flow. It is very real whether capital changes hands or not. Secondly, I am asking rich people to voluntarily contribute a substantial part of their fortunes, their capital, to create a Dignity Bank, a large depository of capital. This capital will be lent out to the poor of the world for productive purposes and personal purposes. Productive loans will carry an interest of 5% simple interest. Personal loans will carry no interest at all. In each case interest will be flowing but in the latter case the interest will be borne by the Dignity Bank.

This simple scheme could change the world as we know it in just a few years. Really, together we can do it!