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There is only one goal. That is to be whole again.

There is only one goal. That is to be whole again. How human beings live and work determines whether they remain whole or are split. ...


We must "be the change we wish to see." A corollary from this is that we become what we see. If we see harmony we become harmony. If we see selflessness we become selfless.

And then there is also this: If we see corruption we become corrupt. If we see self-interest we become self-interested.

Krishnamurti said in the last talk he gave in Bombay, "Corruption is not just passing money under the table. Anytime there is self-interest there is corruption. Self-interest is corruption."

What is the task ahead of us? It is not to change anything 'out there'. It is to change ourselves bit by bit. I am the most selfish man alive, the most greedy. However my task is not to judge. My task is not to make a leap.

My only task is to be a little less selfish and a little less greedy each day. Every single day. And to share this profound change with you, my readers.

Change, however small, can be seen. At first only we ourselves see it. And we change. And then others see us change. Then they become the change.

Friends, you, me, we, are One.

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