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There is only one goal. That is to be whole again.

There is only one goal. That is to be whole again. How human beings live and work determines whether they remain whole or are split. ...


What are we to do?

Life prompts us forward towards expansion. This is a very natural process. Evolution wants to happen, always and everywhere. I call this process the pulse

Often in our ignorance we thwart this process. We settle for a material existence created by great force. We possess things, have status, achieve things. But for how long? Before long these things, life itself, fades away. 

This is the problem everywhere in the world. There is so much turmoil both in the parts of the world where there is severe poverty and in the parts that have plenty. We can deduce from this that the problem is not simply a lack of material things but something much greater: a missing link to life itself. 

In order to regain our connection with life's promptings we must continually shed our possessions, our positions, our hard-earned status in society. We must become small and open to possibilities. 

It is then that we start experiencing the quiet promptings of the pulse and if we follow the pulse we move forward. 


It is difficult to apply truth and nonviolence to our daily life. That is because both truth and nonviolence are whole ideas whereas our lives are not whole. Our lives are split, reflecting the split in our selves.

I have found that simply noticing two related but split ideas in our daily lives is the first step to wholeness. The two ideas to notice are fear and greed.

When I am aware of my fear moment to moment, pay attention to it without trying to change it, I grow towards truth and nonviolence. When I am aware, however fleetingly, of my greed, pay attention to it without trying to be any less greedy than I am, I grow towards truth and nonviolence.

Friends, awareness precedes action. We must fully accept that we are split and deeply notice the manifestation of that splitting in the form of fear and greed. When we do so we take our first steps towards embracing truth and nonviolence and hence wholeness.