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There is only one goal. That is to be whole again.

There is only one goal. That is to be whole again. How human beings live and work determines whether they remain whole or are split. ...


Wide, well-lit, and strewn with fragrant flowers

Do not seek quiet and rest in those earthly realms where delusions and desires are engendered, for if you do, you will be dragged through the rough wilderness of life, which is far from Me. Whenever you feel that your feet are becoming entangled in the interlaced roots of life, know that you have strayed from the path to which I beckon you, for I have placed you in broad, smooth paths, which are strewn with flowers. I have put a light before you, which you can follow and thus run without stumbling.

Meditation is paying attention. It is not an attempt at quieting or controlling the mind but rather an active watching of the mind. We start by paying attention to the physical sensations in our bodies. We watch without control. 

Over time we watch whatever we are presented with. These are gifts from the cosmos. Our work is to watch. 

The cosmic gifts on one hand are divergent. They are as varied as we are. Some of us begin to see colors. Others hear words. Still others see images and inhabit them. The gifts are endless in their variety. We may see, hear, feel, sense, understand. We may think, dream, sleep, know, investigate. 

On the other hand the cosmic gift of meditation is convergence. Choices fall away. Where we once saw two roads ahead we now see only one. Where we once struggled over our choices--so many paths to so many possibilities, good ones and bad ones, hasty ones and well thought-out ones--we now experience no struggle. 

We see just the one path. Wide, well-lit, and strewn with fragrant flowers. 

Black Forest
20 September 2018


The root of the word heresy in the original Greek means choice. The ancients were aware that choice is maya, illusion, created by duality.

Industrialism everywhere broke the backbone of culture, which is grounded in religion and the belief in God. 

Right action, immediate and accessible to all from the oral transmission of great poetry--in the form of the great myths, the great works of oral literature that everywhere in the world were only much later written down--was replaced by choice with its attendant confusion.

Confusion leads to doubt. Doubt leads to the breakdown of faith. 

With that breakdown is the modern world impregnated. 


Either we are asleep or we are awake. This is not a matter of choice. It is a simply a description of a state of being. 

When we are asleep we are split. When we are awake we are whole. 

When we are asleep we are in a world of choice. Should I do this or that, choose this or that, what if I do / what if I don't. If we are conscious while we are asleep we worry about our choices. We want to be good and make the right decisions. Whether unconscious or conscious, when we are asleep we are engaged in what the ancients called maya, or illusion. 

To be awake is to be whole. To be without choice. Then moment by moment life presents the right action and we live it. 

Good Friday 2018, Singapore. 


We create stars

When you look up at the night sky do you have a friend up there? One that you feel intimately connected to. A planet, a satellite, a star, a constellation, a galaxy, anything out there. A friend.

When we first met we would go on night walks and Krista would point out Orion. Having grown up in busy, polluted Bombay, I had never noticed the night sky. But from that very first walk in Evanston I have had a friend in the sky.

I always look for Orion. Or rather Orion looks for me. When I look up at the night sky Orion's right there, twinkling at me.

When you look into the horizon do your eyes rest upon another friend--the sea, a river, mountains, valleys, woods? I was born by the Arabian Sea and the sea has always been my friend. Sometimes far away at another seashore I wonder if I can touch the sea of my childhood. And I realize that she is the one reaching out to me.

Have you taken a close look at your heart? For your heart is also your friend. The first time I really noticed my heart I felt her open to me.

If we first pay attention to our friend heart, and then up to our friend in the night sky, and then down to our earthly friend, we create a triangle.

If we create triangles at different times, in different parts of the world, together we create interlapping triangles of attention. When our triangles of attention across time and space interlap, we create stars.

2 February 2018